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Thai Contractor for Factory Construction and Partner for you to expand your business in Thailand.

We services your for various construction and Office Expand.

  • Construction Prelim Design from Clients Requirement.
  • Construction Permit at the area of your factory locates.
  • Construction as clients drawings or From ours engineering drawings.
  • Permit to Operate your factory.
  • Expansion your office in Thailand.
  • Land Selection depend on your request.


Civil work *  Design and drawing.

*  Document and data sheet.

*  Building construction.

*  Industrial construction.

*  Foundation machine.

*  Construction of equipment foundation for the plant.

*  Concrete pavement.

*  Earth work.

*  Drainage work.

*  Road work.

Structure *  Steel structure fabrication sand blasting and  


*  Corrosion protection.

*  Steel erection.

*  Piping fabrication and installation.

Mechanical *  Manufacturing line of mechanical systems modification. 

*  Piping.

*  Fire fighting system.

*  Sanitary system.

*  Pumping system.

*  Air piping.